1. P3dro

    Cinematic Rendering mode lagging

    For some reason, my game seems to get very laggy with the Cinematic rendering on + mouse movement feels like i'm controling a tank. I don't mind playing with the Render or default modes, but I got curious to know if there is a fix for this.
  2. Classic Player

    Troubleshooting problems relating to new update

    Updated: November 24, 2020 Note: This thread is NOT for criticizing the update, but for finding solutions. Hey. I have noticed that I and others have had some issues running or even playing Halo after the new update. Although there are some threads/posts out there, I thought it would better...
  3. Some Dude

    What are some ways to make this game less laggy on my laptop?

    I have a pretty low end laptop. I mostly play old games from the 90's and early 2000's on it, but when I found out about Halo Custom Edition and played it I was hooked. Then when I finished the Halo 1 campaign I decided to install Halo 2. But it was super laggy when I got into the game, and I...