lan local area network offline mode

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    Lan Connection issues

    I'm trying to do a small lan party on my network but people are unable to join me. They get the error unable to join try again later. We are on the same network and it wont work I tried opening up the ports and trying different ones but I still couldn't get anyone to join. I made sure that i had...
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    "Impossible to join" when joining games on LAN (Network)

    So today I tried to get Halo 2 running in two PCs connected through an ethernet cable in a LAN game (and before you ask, yes that worked for tests with other games and LAN tools)... and I get the "Impossible to Join" message. Changed ports and used the lan/wan ip option in config.ini, disabled...
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    LAN play

    New here, played a couple months ago for a night and had a blast. About to go on a ~8 month deployment and I'm looking for some easy drag-and-drop LAN games to put on friend's laptops when I get some free time. Testing it out at home it seems that my LAN (network) doesn't show up on my other...