1. VeskarIsLawful

    Cannot Create Account / Log Into Old One

    When I attempt to create a new account, it tells me an internal error has occurred, and to contact an admin if it persists. I have reinstalled the game once, made sure all info is correct, made sure my connection was good, and so on- the problem persists. ---- When I attempt to log into my old...
  2. Canidae_Cyanide

    Insufficient PC Identification

    I open up the game for the first time in months, and attempt to log in. I receive the above error. How can I recover my account and get back to playing again?
  3. N

    change username?

    hello Halo community, :) it is possible to change in multiplayer (Halo 2) the username? thanks a lot. yours sincerely nateball
  4. TheBolshe

    "The password you entered is incorrect"

    I just created an account and i'm trying to log in in game. How the hell can it be incorrect when it is written in plain english (wich by the way is a terrible idea). So at first i asumed it was because of special characters so i changed it to digits and letters only but it is still incorrect...
  5. J

    Trouble creating account

    So, when i go to create an account in-game and im typing in my email. When i hit the @ button it opens the console or something stopping me from typing. I have tried switching the keys and using different keyboard layouts but nothing has worked. Please help.
  6. N

    why login say i'm cheater?

    i make account for online called masterchief6611 but when log in it say im cheater but i never cheat or play online before
  7. M

    I am new and I really need help

    Hi guys like I say I am new on this game and I downloaded project cartographer and I loged in for online game and activate my account BUT I couldn't find any server any . How I fix this thank you Edit: I did all update in game update menu.
  8. E

    Invalid email when attempting to recover account

    Whenever I try to recover my account via cartographer.online, I get the same 'Invalid Email!' error each time I enter my email address. I double checked the spelling, but I still get the same error.
  9. D

    Your PC does not have sufficient unique identifiers available.

    Hello Everybody, I just figured out yesterday that PJC had a massive update using a new launcher to play Halo 2 online multiplayer. However, I ran into another brick wall trying to login after creating a new account to play the multiplayer. The error message I get says "Your PC does not have...
  10. J

    Login Error

    I can not loggin, my pass and user are correctly and I dont know what to do
  11. B

    launcher says login invalid HELP ME PLEZZZZZ!

    i have installed uninstalled reinstalled done all password recovery the entire list of trouble shooting options the game runs its set where i need to put in user name and password , when i do it tells me that i am putting in invalid information i do not understand whats wrong i know im putting...