1. S

    HELP, i can't get into some maps

    I had all 41 maps and what I did was delete some and now I can't access those maps on the servers, but it tells me that waiting for everyone to load the map, how could I solve it? I have not been able to enter the games, I do not pass the lobby
  2. xLIx_LaVa

    custom map wont show up for me

    Ok so i tried to download this custom firefight map and i put it in the maps folder, but when i open the game, go to network/create new game/game setup/change map, and change default slider to custom nothing is there. if i could get some help i would greatly appreciate :)
  3. Pow

    Dedicated Server Maps

    Would the mods consider changing the map rotation? Most people only stick around for District, Zanzibar, Frostbite, Sanctuary, Terminal, and Foundation. It would be great to see a map rotation that more people stick around for. I always see the lobby clear out whenever Bloodgultch or...
  4. CosmicLettuce

    Prisoner 1.1 wont download properly when playing the Halo 1 Server.

    I have asked others and the report the same experience. It boots me back to the main screen when i attempt to DL. Also, I see that if you download a map from a site and place it into my map folder.... it doesn't show up in the toggle LEFT maps/ custom maps area. Is this different for Mac...