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    Login again

    Hola alguien me puede ayudar al ingresar al juego con mi cuenta de project cartographer me sale un mensaje que me dice login again y luego al dale clic de nuevo ingreso mi contraseña pero me sale que contraseña incorrecta y Por mas que recupere la contraseña me sale lo mismo
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    I can't create an account

    When i try to create an account I get an error message. An internal error has ocurred. We've probably noticed this already but contacto an admin if this persist
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    Error trying to log in: An internal error has occured

    Been a while since i log in, but i tried the last Friday and an update pop out, i updated, and now every time i try to log in this message appear... Something broken! An internal error has occured. We've probably noticed this already but contact and admin if this persist. i thought it was a...