1. Grillo2403

    Autolook centering disabled and Anticheat still close the game....

    Hi, today I had problems with the game, when the match is about to end, the anticheat is activated stating that I use Aimbot and the game closes ... I need help to be know what the error is because I deactivate the autolook centering and still the anticheat appears and close the game ... thanks...
  2. O

    Game crashes!! D:

    hiiiii, i made this account only for this, i seen so many people playing normally but i cant, it crashes every time!, when i need to log in and i try to type with my xbox 360 controller, the game just crashes and when i get into campaign there are some guys that are celebrating when master chief...
  3. O


    Hola, tengo el problema que al iniciar el juego me aparece que me hacen falta archivos .dll (d3dx9_31 y d3dx9_43) ¿Cómo puedo solucionar este problema?
  4. I

    Custom Maps. Help!

    I download maps and extract them to a .map file then place them in the map folder, then I go in the game and go to start a game and go to the right to look at custom maps but it says I have non. Help please :(