1. N

    dedicated server

    Hello gentlemen of the forum, good morning, I hope everyone is in good health. I am a fan of Halo 2, although I am not good at playing, every day I improve a little. I would like to install a halo server in a web hosting, but I have only found a guide to install it on the PC and it is not very...
  2. S

    HELP, i can't get into some maps

    I had all 41 maps and what I did was delete some and now I can't access those maps on the servers, but it tells me that waiting for everyone to load the map, how could I solve it? I have not been able to enter the games, I do not pass the lobby
  3. J


    HELP. (PC v. English version: I am a usual player of Halo 2. I never had problems with the game. Recently, I can't join in-game. Only I saw the Servers List. Help me, please. SPANISH VERSION: Ayuda. No puedo ingresar a las partidas. Lo último que recuerdo fue actualizar a la...
  4. T


    So yeah zombies is a great gamemode and all, but it gets really boring when the humans just camp out somewhere or glitch out of maps. I believe this could be rectified by only playing zombies on small maps, since i don't expect anybody to not camp. OR, the zombie speed could be increased, OR...
  5. T

    halo 2 servers kinda repetitive

    I think it would be really cool if the servers could pick random games for us to play, along with different game modes. so far ive only seen 1 server implement this and i just thought it would be nice to be able to play the full roster of game modes and maps. (Like i have never found a king of...
  6. O

    AYUDA!!! Como puedo jugar con otra persona?

    hola buenas me gustaría saber que procedimiento debo seguir para poder jugar con mis amigos como crear una partida para que ellos se puedan unir Gracias
  7. DaniDiaz30

    Windows 7 users cannot access my server!

    I have a problem with my dedicated server and that is that 2 friends cannot enter my server, I have noticed that my friends who cannot enter my dedicated server have the Windows 7 operating system, and I have my server Dedicated on a Windows 10 computer, does anyone have any idea what could be...
  8. G

    I've a problem...

    Hi guys, I can enter all the games, ..., but I can not enter the party: "1v1 for fags" and other called "snipers" I would like to know if someone else has that problem ...
  9. Cassettes

    Server list

    I'm having a problem where the entire server list doesn't show always. It will show a portion of the servers available to join then it will change back and fourth. Sometimes I'm able to join certain servers most of the time I'm not, very rarely do I see ALL lists and if I do it's only for a...
  10. D

    Help with Dedicated Server

    Hello, I have followed the guidelines to setup a dedicated server and forwarded all the necessary ports, and got my server to show up on the server list, but I cannot connect to it from another machine. I keep getting a message stating that I cannot connect to the server at this time, and to try...