1. M

    IP blocked?

    Hello everyone, every day I play for an hour after work. Yesterday I couldn't play because when I enter the online section it doesn't show the games or servers, it seemed strange to me so I thought it was a mistake on the Halo servers. The next day I log in again and the same thing happens...
  2. Sexy Juan

    I can't play online in the servers

    The servers list takes time to load and when it does i can't join in the games it appears to me the message "you can't join this party. Please wait a moment and try later." What can i do?, it's somehow my fault or of the servers? And someting that i forget to say is that when i'm logging in...
  3. O

    Player population

    Hey guys, I just started using project cartographer and noticed the servers are completely empty. Is there a problem with my settings or is the player base just dead?
  4. Pow

    Dedicated Server Maps

    Would the mods consider changing the map rotation? Most people only stick around for District, Zanzibar, Frostbite, Sanctuary, Terminal, and Foundation. It would be great to see a map rotation that more people stick around for. I always see the lobby clear out whenever Bloodgultch or...