1. F

    (How To) Use a Xbox 360 controller with halo 2 pc on linux via WINE.

    PREREQUISITES 1) A Linux system(obviously:) ) 2) You already need to install the game via wine(just use playonlinux), if you didn't install it, check this for info. 3) A Xbox 360 controller and adapter for PC. STEPS 1) Install Xbox DRV, if you are on a Debian/apt based system; you can typesudo...
  2. botch xx

    Controller button mapping issues

    Hi all, First of all, thank you for your incredible work on bringing h2 multiplayer back online. It's been so good getting back into it after 10 years of not playing! I'm currently running project cartographer through a wineskin on my mac, but have been having trouble getting a controller to...
  3. Glitchy Scripts

    Halo 2 Update/Patch Technical Change Log and Info

    Halo 2 Xbox: Halo 2 Vista: FIXME: not sure where 1.1a and 1.1b sit on H2X. Halo 2 Xbox 1.0: Halo 2 Xbox 1.0 (Autoupdate 1): Halo 2 Xbox 1.0 (Autoupdate 2): Halo 2 Xbox 1.1 (Autoupdate 3): Halo 2...
  4. Busty Elite

    Add me so we can play

    Hey, so I really wanna play Halo reach with someone. So if anyone wants to add me on xbox live, my username is "Busty Elite".
  5. NoLefty

    Old H2Vista GFWL Gamer Pictures

    Does anyone remember how you got these? I never did see them in my gamer pictures tab. Just the old default stuff like the smiley face and the cat. Did you download them through the GFWL Marketplace? I was wondering if there was any possible way I could still get them. Probably not.