1. T


    So yeah zombies is a great gamemode and all, but it gets really boring when the humans just camp out somewhere or glitch out of maps. I believe this could be rectified by only playing zombies on small maps, since i don't expect anybody to not camp. OR, the zombie speed could be increased, OR...
  2. necronomicoy

    invincible hacker in zombies

    so we were playing and this motherfucker received no damage, either direct sword attacks or grenades didn't work on them, his name was Shinji, I was playing June 6 2019 01:39:02 AM Mexico time hacker video
  3. | SCRAPY |

    [MAP-Edited] Foggy Maps Zombie?

    It'd be interesting if someone could throw these on a server and see how people like them? Ctf, zombies, ts. Green fog, zombie style map edit for coagulation and others. just drop the map in customs map in my documents, my games, halo 2, maps...
  4. R

    [S.I]Orloox91 hack Inmunity

    He used hacks to become immune in zombie mode killing unfairly for which he deserves to be banned. I have some captures.