• Hello Staff , i Download Project Cartoghrapher and creat account on it and confirmed the creation to run game online but that window "Online acount" doesn't Appear thanks For your Reply
    Good Afternoon
    I have been banned since 2018, I would like to play again, I do not know what I have to do to regain access, in this quarantine it is necessary to play something and I really like halo 2, if you can help me it would be great.
    Sorry for the disturbances
    hola buenas tardes mi comentario es que porfavor me ayuden a volver a jugar halo la verdad no se por que me banearon un dia normal jugaba y al otro dia apareci que no me dejba entrar un compañero desde su pc intento entar aver que era y el automaticamente fue baneado sin razones quisiera volver a jugar halo 2 ya que es mi mayor distracion en tiempo libre
    uncut, sorry for my mistake of using hacks ... I really want to play halo again ... it's the only thing I love the most.
    I admit my mistake and I would like to be able to join again ... it's the most sincere thing that I can be
    hey UncutFighter, i was wondering if you could help me with the recent update. When i open my account, it says that i don't have the recent version and i download and install it but then it goes into control panel and says failed to put in file putting in back the old file. Is their anyway u could help
    y si me puedes desbloquear la ip para poder jugar halo 2 de nuevo
    y si usted me diera permiso para utilizar hacks en algunas partidas le agradeseria mucho para no solo estar aburrido en las partidas si no tabien tener motivacion de aprender a jugar mas, yo se que e escrito mucho y solo ablo ablo y ablo cuando le este mensaje responda pls gracias XD
    admito que utilise hacks y pido perdon, los utilise por que estaba aburrido en una partida solo ago de 10 a 17 muertes y lo hise por diversion
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