1. ReVaas

    Help with Campaign Modding Using Assembly

    I'm having an issue with spawning in weapons and being able to fire them in campaign. I'm wondering if there's anyone more experienced than I to help with this. I understand that there are some weapons that just can't be spawned in with just replacing a projectile with a weapon. If you want to...
  2. P

    Desire to Craft Mods for offline play + Eventual hopes to host custom map games server

    The Background My name is pika. Years ago I used to love modding Halo 2 on my original Xbox. I never had any desire to cheat in online games, and I highly doubt I ever will in the future. I edited Halo in ways that I found to be incredibly fun. I crafted what I like to call "amateur mods". My...
  3. demonsako

    Making bipeds move...or something

    I understand there are ways to spawn bipeds in maps but is there anything you can do to make them move or attack players? (in assembly) At the very least make them enemies so that the crosshair turns red and you can actually sword lunge at them.
  4. H

    Changing Hud Color with Assembly (Unfinished)

    Couldn't find proper tutorials or guides to change hud color so, here it is Hud Color is primarily controlled through ui shaders. You can change the color by going to the appropriate shader tags and changing specific values in a function in Overlays in Postprocess Definition highlighted in the...
  5. X

    I need some help with modding certain things please

    Hi there, I was wondering if it was possible to make the Master Chief/Arbiter shoot plasma rifles/brute plasma rifles as fast as the CPU on Legendary difficulty when playing as them in the campaign? I have tried to look for options in the 'weap' and 'char' tags but couldn't find anything. And...