Help with Campaign Modding Using Assembly

May 10, 2021
I'm having an issue with spawning in weapons and being able to fire them in campaign. I'm wondering if there's anyone more experienced than I to help with this. I understand that there are some weapons that just can't be spawned in with just replacing a projectile with a weapon. If you want to recreate the issue start up h2 on mcc on the level Sentinalwall/sacredIcon and spawn in a Shotgun. you cant shoot that weapon however you can melee the animation works, except probably the shooting animation? the shot gun does show up later into the level after dropping down the sentinal holes. even if I spawn another shotgun in the area where the Devplaced shotgun is at it doesnt work properly.
the same issue arises when spawning in a brute shot on the same level.
can anyone think of a work around?
how can i just spawn with a shotgun?