1. U

    Camera mode on midship or lockout?

    I'm new to this whole thing and want to know how to get the camera mode going in this so I can get some cool angels for a video. Thanks!
  2. ReVaas

    Help with Campaign Modding Using Assembly

    I'm having an issue with spawning in weapons and being able to fire them in campaign. I'm wondering if there's anyone more experienced than I to help with this. I understand that there are some weapons that just can't be spawned in with just replacing a projectile with a weapon. If you want to...
  3. SwingSwangdong

    Deadly melee in campaign

    Either it's my memory, or Elites now... inconsistently(?) deal a ton of melee damage on Normal. I keep getting one shotted by Minors mostly, a few times they don't but usually take down my shields or do less. Majors and Stealths, less often than Minors, and that's as far as I've experimented. I...
  4. X

    Campaign in download?

    I downloaded the installer from the h2v website, does this install have the singleplayer campaign?
  5. V

    Are private game and campaign mods allowed?

    Hello. My friend and I have been getting the itch for some Halo 2 lately. We were curious if private game and campaign modding is allowed. We understand that public modding is against the rules, but not really sure about if we do it just for us. Thank you.
  6. S

    Is Coop a thing yet?

    Is multiplayer Co-op a thing yet? I want to play through the game with one of my friends but I don't know how to do anything multiplayer hosting. (Or stuff like that)
  7. C

    Campaign console commands?

    I'm looking to get some screenshots and video recordings to use as wallpapers, but I am having difficulty finding good angles to record from. Is there any functioning Console Commands for the campaign I can use to get better shots?
  8. R

    Getting 'insert game disc' message when playing campagin

    Hi, I just installed the game today and started the campaign. I got as far as the 3rd checkpoint in the first mission but then got a message asking to insert the game disc. It will not let me continue from the checkpoint either, giving the same message.