1. Tex2rock

    Game starts windowed bordered

    Hi this really isn't a big issue but every time I startup the game its starts windowed bordered I have to go into the gasettings and set it to full screen. Im on WIndows 10 1903 it did it on 18 as well. Its a small issue just curious if there is a fix thanks.
  2. UncutFighter

    Halo 2 PC Optimization Guide for FPS

    Halo 2 PC Optimization Guide A guide for fixing FPS issues The following steps are for fixing FPS issues AFTER the usual steps you would use such as lowering resolution and quality details as well as updating drivers Step 1: Right click your Halo 2 shortcut (generally located on your desktop)...
  3. D

    WOW, NOSTALGIA!!i1!! + switching fullscreen display screen

    Only way I've found to get fullscreen on my TV instead of my monitor is to switch main display in windows display settings and restart. THNXXXX for this :D