game crashing on start

  1. G

    My game does not start

    I click the icon, my resolution changes, it pops up on the taskbar, and then closes. I am using win 11. I have tried adding -disable3dex and removing the intro cinematic, please help me.
  2. T

    I need help, I can't move

    before this thread everything was fine, but i don't know what I moved when my personaje stop to move, the keyboard not respond in the game, it's like if it blocked (the keyboard) the last I remember is that press any of keys on the part higher of the keyboard (f1,f2,f3) I don't remember what I...
  3. O

    Game doesn´t work even with " -disabled3dex" launch parameter

    I´m not sure what is wrong with my game but apparently that fix doesn´t solve my crash so I guess my case got worse. PD: those Yen signs are the inverted slash and no, that hasn´t caused any problem because programs like netbeans DO LET ME CODE with that little detail and the game used to run...
  4. UncutFighter

    Temp fixes for 0.5.4 issues- Crash on start and "zoom in" low FoV issue

    If you are having issues with your game crashing when launching after updating to 0.5.4, simply go to your game's shortcut > right click it > select properties and click the "shortcut" tab. At the end of the 'target' line, go to the end outside of the quote marks and add the following parameter...