1. UnTalMoK7u7

    Banned xD

    hello there! I was banned and I know why. I was just trolling some players who were abusive or annoying to other players. I know that it is not the best method and much less the adequate one, however, I am willing to stop doing it if I am unbanned I promise not to do it again and report...
  2. O

    send help im being kicked for using aimbot

    honest too god I don't have any cheats or hacks...kept being kicked for no reason I was playing gun game and head collector (or was it skull collector)... I didn't download anything recently or tamper with the game files at all....I've been getting god at the game lately and I guess its some...
  3. Y

    Hacker Saltarín/ Jumper Hacker

    Hola a todos, vengo a reportar a un hacker. El caso es que entré a una partida de bola loca donde sólo estaba él, supongo que pensó que nadie entraría y podría jugar con hacks todo lo que quisiera. Hi everybody, today i come here to report a hacker. The case is i join in a steel ball server...
  4. Y

    Me sale un mensaje que me dice que no haga trampas

    Hola, voy al grano, el caso es que ayer actualicé project cartographer, anteriormente tenía un problema que no me dejaba entrar a las partidas online, pero ahora el problema es que cuando estoy a mitad de una partida de cualquier tipo, el juego se congela y tengo que darle a la tecla windows...
  5. U

    Hack in Zombies

    June 13 at 10:15 p.m. on zombies server Is he using hack? Or is it a bug like Darthpy said?
  6. R

    mi hp madre dz hack shotgun

  7. | SCRAPY |


    Full Video 06:30 09:35
  8. screamox02

    Wonser Hacks

    Hey folks, I caught to this cheater.
  9. screamox02

    Kazuki:P Fly hack

    Fly hack
  10. funnybunny666

    A Smple Twig aimbot hack

    this was yesterday in Objective 3 server, Alley Brawl game mode
  11. necronomicoy

    invincible hacker in zombies

    so we were playing and this motherfucker received no damage, either direct sword attacks or grenades didn't work on them, his name was Shinji, I was playing June 6 2019 01:39:02 AM Mexico time hacker video
  12. T

    Hack User

    Video Report
  13. Schizo


    I have a few videos in which I thought I caught a few aimbotters, though I wouldn't say it's concrete. Someone else would have to take a look. Their names are col_hacker (suspicious name if I've ever heard one >.>) and fullmetal1445. I think that they both had aimbots that they toggled on and...
  14. R

    Why am i still banned?

    guys what should i do to get unbanned? its been a month now
  15. N

    why login say i'm cheater?

    i make account for online called masterchief6611 but when log in it say im cheater but i never cheat or play online before
  16. D


  17. FatalBlueScreen

    "Schxzo" rapidfiring-aimboting

    Username: Schxzo Server: H2X LockShip
  18. V

    I am very sorry for the use of traps. I promise never to use it again.

    my brother used hack while playing with my profile, he accepts that he did it out of curiosity and I accept that hack was used in my computer but it will not happen again I assure you and I apologize me and my brother to the community for causing that inconvenience, please they could remove the...
  19. V

    my brother used to hack with my profile

    Ayer mi hermano descargó un truco y yo asumo la responsabilidad, ya que él no imaginaba que eso causaría una prohibición permanente del juego, él solo tiene 14 años, sin embargo le expliqué y aclaré lo que causó, y le aseguro tú que no volverás a pasar, además que provocó rechazo y repudio por...
  20. Erick8652

    MCs dubdub, JKdoubles, TWIN.ONE

    MCs dubdub, JKdoubles, TWIN.ONE