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  1. ReVaas

    Help with Campaign Modding Using Assembly

    I'm having an issue with spawning in weapons and being able to fire them in campaign. I'm wondering if there's anyone more experienced than I to help with this. I understand that there are some weapons that just can't be spawned in with just replacing a projectile with a weapon. If you want to...
  2. M

    Is 3DS Max really Required?

    3DS max is in literally every tutorial i can find, and with their outrageous prices im not willing to shell out cash. Blender seems to be the real best option, but i cant seem to find out why its not in an H2EK tutorial somewhere or how to use it. and with how often it is seen used modelling...
  3. X

    How do I get the Halo 2 editing kit without the Halo 2 vista disk?

    How do I get the Halo 2 editing kit if I don't have the halo 2 vista disk?
  4. T

    Need help finding map files...

    When I open halo 2 folder it only shows sounds and temp folder? shouldn't there be a maps file?