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    problems with the installation

    friends I have problems with the installation of my game I have windows 7 and it throws me the following error "error with visual c ++ 2013 install. you may encounter issues when running game .." i have c +++ redistr installed please help me
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    Can't download Halo 2 Full Game Installer + Mod

    Hi there, When I try to download the Full Game Installer + Mod. It says it can't connect to server. I've tried different browsers and another PC. Try yourself:
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    launcher says login invalid HELP ME PLEZZZZZ!

    i have installed uninstalled reinstalled done all password recovery the entire list of trouble shooting options the game runs its set where i need to put in user name and password , when i do it tells me that i am putting in invalid information i do not understand whats wrong i know im putting...