login issues

  1. H

    "...troubleshooting potential issues"

    I can not play the game because of this shit. Could somebody have fixed it? Please let me know how.
  2. VeskarIsLawful

    Cannot Create Account / Log Into Old One

    When I attempt to create a new account, it tells me an internal error has occurred, and to contact an admin if it persists. I have reinstalled the game once, made sure all info is correct, made sure my connection was good, and so on- the problem persists. ---- When I attempt to log into my old...
  3. UncutFighter


    UPDATE AUGUST 2022: You might need to manually update your game if you're on a version before On the sign in page, click "Play Offline" instead of your user name Then Choose Player, Then go to Cartographer Then Update You can also download the dll and overwrite the file in your...