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    "Impossible to join" when joining games on LAN (Network)

    So today I tried to get Halo 2 running in two PCs connected through an ethernet cable in a LAN game (and before you ask, yes that worked for tests with other games and LAN tools)... and I get the "Impossible to Join" message. Changed ports and used the lan/wan ip option in config.ini, disabled...
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    Unable to see games in network

    I installed the last halo 2 cartographer version (available in ). The network section does not work at all. Once I enter there, there are no games available. I already checked the firewall permits, changed the base_port, and activated my VPN. Nothing works.
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    Extended LAN Support

    I love the work you guys have done already. My friends and I still really enjoy doing LAN parties, as well as coworkers doing lunch games. I think extended LAN support would be awesome! Currently our setup is: Use a reference list of Ports and IPs of other players Launch the game with the...
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    [Solved] Cannot Host a Lan Game

    So for like 2 months I've been trying to figure out how to host a game and have my brother join. I really wanna play coop campaign with him and i found this tool on this page: So now I'm trying to host a server but every time I do i get this...
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    [solved] Can not set up local network games

    Hello. I am looking to use the "Network" option in Halo 2 Vista. I am wondering if there is a way to play with family and friends over a local network. I would not like to use Project Cartographer, as it does not support regular LAN functionality. I installed Halo 2, applied the latest...