to the developers

  1. fork

    Controller deadzones (or possibly the uniform sensitivity option) not feeling right

    One of the only gripes I have with this game is the fact that it does not feel "smooth" or modern on controller. If you spin your stick in a circle (basically an ogre twitch) it should be a fluid circle, but in this game it's very staccato and boxy. When I make diagonal movements with the right...
  2. A

    i can't open the game the crash .dmp is here

    i try hard to open the game .i tried nearly everythink to download dll even to delete and re-install the game and i change the compatibility setings. nothing. plz help the .dmp crash rep is here . i have a folder of chrash files and it is 166 mb i think plz help.
  3. M


    Hola, buenas tardes Necesito ayuda. Mi cuenta ha sido prohibida por supuestos piratas u otras cosas, pero la realidad es que si creas varias cuentas para mí y otra para mi hermano, ya que él también juega, pero te pido que elimines la prohibición ya que estoy No hay hacker ni nada de eso...