Halo 2 Saved Game Profiles and Variants Transfer


Project Cartographer Staff
Nov 29, 2013
Halo 2 encrypts all profiles and saves that it generates, and it is based on the Windows profile. This makes it difficult to transfer your saves to another computer, or even use them after reinstalling Windows.

All future Cartographer updates will have this encryption disabled ( still has encryption), and therefore any new profiles and saves that are created can be transferred to another computer/profile.

In addition, your encrypted saves can be now be decrypted using a newly created tool (attached)

Your saves are located in:

%localappdata%\Microsoft\Halo 2\Saved Games

Within the Saved Games folder, you'll see a bunch of folders starting with "S" and ending with 7 numbers, such as "S0000000"
Each folder is a game save / profile.
If the folder contains a file called "profile," then its a profile folder.
If the folder contains a file called "slayer" or "ctf" or something else then its a game variant folder

Either way, to decrypt your files, you unzip the tool, and drag the "profile" file or "slayer" file onto the Halo2_Save_Decrypt.exe and a command prompt will open.
Hit enter twice and then it you'll have a decrypted file. Keep in mind, this will overwrite the file and no backups are created. I would create a temporary backup of the save folder in case something goes wrong

""%localappdata%\Microsoft\Halo 2\Saved Games\S0000000\profile"

All credits go to PNill for breaking this encryption