Project Cartographer Update & Changelog (High Framerate Support Initial Release)

Happy Easter everyone! We've been working tirelessly over the past 4 months to bring you one of our biggest updates. Notable additions include uncapped fps working properly, performance improvements, and fixes to ensure parity with the original game. *

* While you can run fully uncapped, currently it is still recommended to run at multiples of 30 or 60 FPS in your frame limiter ex:
60, 120, 240, etc. you can set it to your refresh rate or tinker as desired

- The game now properly works at above 60fps!
- Performance Improvements!
- Rewrote controller detection system so that users without a controller plugged in don't experience framerate drops
- Removed play n tray implementation from the game so that the game isn't constantly checking map files on user's storage
- Rewritten math functions

- Campaign now uses a 30 tick update rate, fixes all issues associated with the raised tickrate
- Rewrote particle system to fix particle display issues above 30 fps
- Rewrote motion sensor code that it parities the original game
- Rewrote simulation system so that updates are now queued and executed
- Rewrote rumble systems so that rumble intensity doesn't decrease with framerate
- Update certain shaders so maintain parity the original game (smg, metals, brute)
- Fixed video settings so it enumerates every refresh rate option
- Fixed red-reticle bug
- Add invite and connect commands
- Fix issue where people couldn't play if they had a CPU that didn't support SSE3
- Removed old menu text rendering and replaced with in-game text rendering
- Improve unit vector encoding
- OpenSSL has been removed and replaced with WolfSSL
- Depreciate GunGame ini file
- Depreciate DeviceShop features

- Countless internal code stability improvements and changes
(read github)

If you have issues installing the update or need support installing the game etc.
Join our discord server for help, we have a great team and numerous helpful community members : )
- Invite link: