Project Cartographer Feature Add-ons to Halo 2

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    • Networking through the LAN browser, of course. Join lag gone.
    • In-game account system with auto-update feature.
    • Custom guide menu (HOME key or selected from the main menu)
      • Advanced Settings:
        • Customize HUD/GUI:
          • Field of View
          • Crosshair Offset
          • Toggle Ingame Chat Visibility
          • Toggle HUD Visibility
          • Toggle First Person Model Visibility
        • Other Settings:
          • FPS Limit
          • Toggle Discord Rich Presence Integration
          • Toggle Non-Host lobby xDelay
          • Toggle Game Intro Video Visibility
          • Toggle Whether Keyboard Controls work in-game (for advanced usage of game in the background)
          • Toggle Raw Mouse Input
          • Toggle Auto Eject When Vehicles Flip Over (Host Activated)
        • Toggle Game Skulls
      • Credits
      • Update Game
    • Cartographer game variants which are enabled by creating a Slayer game variant, with custom variant specified in the title
      • Zombies - Zombies/infection mode. Be sure there are no weapons on map, no vehicles, and no team changing allowed.
      • Infection - as above
      • GunGame - Guns change as you get more kills
      • H2X - Changes certain Halo 2 PC weapons and the game engine to match their behavior to Halo 2 Xbox
      • RvB - Forces Red and Blue team only. Players cannot change to the other teams.
    • Hotkeys
      • tilde (~) key - In game console, currently in a limited state. Note: This key only applies to US keyboard layouts. If you have a different keyboard, please remap the key in config file %localappdata%/Microsoft/Halo 2/halo2config1.ini . List of commands:
        • reloadMaps - Reloads custom maps without having to restart the game
        • resetSpawnCommandList - Reloads spawn commands in the commands.txt file in game directory
        • spawnNear <item_name> <count> - Ex. spawnNear scorpion 10 . Items should spawn near your biped. Some maps don't play nicely. See commands.txt for spawnable items. Only the host / dedicated server can spawn items.
        • spawn <item_name> <count> <x> <y> <z> - Ex. spawn scorpion 10 50 50 50 - IDK how to get the coordinates, good luck with that.
        • not activated yet:
          • logPlayers - Host command, see all players in your game
          • kick <peer_index> - Kick a player based on peer index found with logPlayers
        • more
      • Function keys
        • F2 shows onscreen debug menu.
        • F3 shows debug and prints help.
        • F7 aligns the window to a screen quadrant grid and sets window borderless.
        • F8 toggles windowed/borderless mode.
        • F9 toggles hiding the in-game chat menu.
    • halo2configX.ini
      • Allows you to change and set most of the console commands, and edit other cartographer options. Found in %localappdata%/Microsoft/Halo 2/. File contains detailed description of features such as
        • Raw mouse input
        • Skip intro videos
        • Change game language
        • Toggle controller aim assist
        • FPS limiter
        • Field of view (FOV)
        • Crosshair offset
        • and more...
    • Map Downloading
      • Similar to the GFWL implementation. Allows players to download custom maps when they join a server that is running a custom map.
      • Maps can be downloaded in pre-game lobby while the game is in progress\
      • Maps are downloaded from our custom map repo
      • There can only be 50 maps in the custom map folder: %userprofile%/Documents/My Games/Halo 2/Maps
    • Split-screen
      • halo2.exe can be opened multiple times in order to simulate split-screen.
      • Multiple halo2config ini's are automatically created
      • *Only Xinput compatible controllers work for anyone not nominated for "disable_ingame_keyboard = 0" in "halo2config#.ini" (usually instance 1 aka player 1). *the (Duraz{no,00}.ini or x360{ce,00}.ini) file will need configuring the first time it is generated in terms of controller (port=? or PAD?=?).
    • Other changes
      • Projectile speed of most weapons are increased in order to combat issues with hit registration.
      • ESRB warning at game startup is removed
      • Halo 2's window can be resized independently of game settings
      • Halo 2 can be played over Remote Desktop Connection
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