• Hello, as it is first of all, I will go straight to the point that I use second programs but I did not do it to disturb the other players as it can be seen in the video I was not damaging the player's experience because I did not kill, nor hit him .
    I want to first ask the community to apologize for using these types of programs, but I want to clarify that I only used it as fun, I never did it for advantage or anyth
    Hola soy carlos franco gametarg FRANKASTER mira es que an baneado mi cuenta por una partida en donde aparesco bugeado y ni si quiera pude jugar y en el pusiste que era speed hack pero ni siquiera pude jugar era imposible si te das cuenta en la cantidad de muertes
    por eso tuve que salirme de la partida
    por favor para que me ayudes pues no puedo ingresar
    whats up i new to halo 2 but a halo 3 vet i want to try and get my skills up and learn the maps and weapon spawned time and jump all was down for mlg game type 1v1 2v2 4v4 add me Kasey2Cold
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