dedicated server

  1. (&ELIT&) (kronos)

    error reading custom maps on dedicated server

    for some reason trying to put a variant with a custom map gives me an error but this does not happen with all the maps it only happens with some, what can I do to correct
  2. DaniDiaz30

    Windows 7 users cannot access my server!

    I have a problem with my dedicated server and that is that 2 friends cannot enter my server, I have noticed that my friends who cannot enter my dedicated server have the Windows 7 operating system, and I have my server Dedicated on a Windows 10 computer, does anyone have any idea what could be...
  3. UncutFighter

    Halo 2 PC Dedicated Server Setup Guide

    I plan to update this guide more soon. Halo 2 PC Dedicated Server Setup Guide - First download the Halo 2 Dedicated Server Pack here: - Extract the Halo 2 Dedicated Server folder to a location of your choosing...
  4. Pow

    Dedicated Server Maps

    Would the mods consider changing the map rotation? Most people only stick around for District, Zanzibar, Frostbite, Sanctuary, Terminal, and Foundation. It would be great to see a map rotation that more people stick around for. I always see the lobby clear out whenever Bloodgultch or...
  5. divine1gore

    Why does everyone think Yuri Bacon is a fortnite kid?

    Not sure what it is about you man, but ppl always jump to that conclusion whenever they want to hate on you : P maybe because you run hunger games on your dedi idk lol
  6. E

    Dedicated Server?

    Why does it feel next to impossible to find out how to make a dedicated server? I had a guide book marked from a few months ago but now the link says I do not have permission to view. I search the forums and find nothing useful. Could someone point me in the right direction? Also, can you play...
  7. H

    [AUS @Halo4Life] - 24x7 Customs Dedi

    Hi All, Thought i would try to bring back a few of the old game types and Custom Maps to a Dedi server. Currently it has the following Maps/Games setup in the Dedicated server Playlist. Ascension ToP PB1 (Tower of Power) - Slayer (Multi Team) Beaver Creek - Dodgeball (Rockets) - (Rules)...
  8. D

    Help with Dedicated Server

    Hello, I have followed the guidelines to setup a dedicated server and forwarded all the necessary ports, and got my server to show up on the server list, but I cannot connect to it from another machine. I keep getting a message stating that I cannot connect to the server at this time, and to try...