game crashes

  1. H3ackern3umber2

    Yo, game keeps crashing every time I try to launch it.

    Running on Windows 10, tried compatibility settings, kept crashing. I got some crash dump files here and no idea what to do with them, so I'm just gonna post 'em here. This is what it looks like with compatibility settings. I've got no idea how to even open the crash dump file to see what's...
  2. M

    Need help with game crashing

    When i launch the game it just says game crashed, check dump file After looking at the file, I found nothing I could recognize PC specs if helpful: Windows 11 home Intel Core i5-10400F 16 GB DDR4 Memory Crucial 1TB SSD GeForce RTX 3060 below is everything from the dump...
  3. D

    ¿Since when is the automatic centering of view detected by the game as a hack?

    Today I went into a Sniper Rifle game and activated the Auto Sight Centering option from the game's pause menu. About 10 seconds pass and the game crashes saying I'm apparently using a hack, when not really. What solution you could give me in this regard. Thanks a lot
  4. Classic Player

    Troubleshooting problems relating to new update

    Updated: November 24, 2020 Note: This thread is NOT for criticizing the update, but for finding solutions. Hey. I have noticed that I and others have had some issues running or even playing Halo after the new update. Although there are some threads/posts out there, I thought it would better...
  5. O

    Game crashes!! D:

    hiiiii, i made this account only for this, i seen so many people playing normally but i cant, it crashes every time!, when i need to log in and i try to type with my xbox 360 controller, the game just crashes and when i get into campaign there are some guys that are celebrating when master chief...
  6. G

    Campaign fails on Mac loading space station level

    I've been able to get Halo 2 Project Cartographer 0.5.6 to run on an iMac with macOS Catalina by running it under Crossover 19.0.1 (which bundles Wine). Unfortunately, it crashes every time it loads the space station level. I've joined a few quick games online, even one that required the...
  7. UncutFighter

    Temp fixes for 0.5.4 issues- Crash on start and "zoom in" low FoV issue

    If you are having issues with your game crashing when launching after updating to 0.5.4, simply go to your game's shortcut > right click it > select properties and click the "shortcut" tab. At the end of the 'target' line, go to the end outside of the quote marks and add the following parameter...