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    How do I get the Halo 2 editing kit without the Halo 2 vista disk?

    How do I get the Halo 2 editing kit if I don't have the halo 2 vista disk?
  2. General_101

    Tag Extractor - For "Magical Doctor Wizard Researchers" Only

    Tag Extractor mostly just for research Links The Github for the tag extractor itself. Building it yourself to ensure it is at 100% efficiency is recommended. https://github.com/Himanshu-01/H2PC_TagExtraction A compiled copy of the 2.0 branch with plugins included. You can get this but it is...
  3. General_101

    H2Codez - This Shit Is Better Than Mayonnaise

    H2Codez Public thread #1 Links The Github stuff for the smart people. Get the fuck out if you don't know what a .sln file is. https://github.com/Project-Cartographer/H2Codez https://github.com/Project-Cartographer/H2-Toolkit-Launcher The only thing you will need. Just grab the launcher below...