1. G

    No text bug

    I changed the resolution and all the text disappeared, no way to restore it to. Reinstalling the game didn't help either.
  2. O

    send help im being kicked for using aimbot

    honest too god I don't have any cheats or hacks...kept being kicked for no reason I was playing gun game and head collector (or was it skull collector)... I didn't download anything recently or tamper with the game files at all....I've been getting god at the game lately and I guess its some...
  3. Ashura HeX

    Change user name (nickname) in game.

    Greetings. Is there a way to change my user name? (the one I use to login in the game).
  4. M1nduin

    I can Use Project Cartographer without having the original Halo 2?

    Hi I have a doubt.... can I use Project Cartographer without steam Halo 2? I really wanted to see how the project works and use it too
  5. W

    Character models look weird

    I changed my graphics card to nvidia 7600gt 256 mb. After that, character models started looking like shown in the pictures. The level of detail is set on high.
  6. M

    Mouse not working

    hello, i just made an account for halo 2 to play online but i have this annoying issue is that my mouse won't work. no matter what i do i can just use WASD and other keys.. Please help i don't know whats wrong.. The mouse was working but in campain mode..
  7. C

    The Christmas Hats, I can't see them :(

    Regarding this new update with players having Christmas Hats , they are not visible for me at all , also my game is running Dec 19 (

    Solución al Falso Positivo de la Actualización de Project Cartographer ~ By SHORELESS

    Solución al Falso Positivo de la Actualización de Project Cartographer ~ By SHORELESS Nota: El presente contenido fue diseñado por mi persona SHORELESS, un nativo del lenguaje Español, sin embargo al ver que esta solución le ha servido a muchos decidí tomarme el tiempo para traducirla...
  9. Y

    Me sale un mensaje que me dice que no haga trampas

    Hola, voy al grano, el caso es que ayer actualicé project cartographer, anteriormente tenía un problema que no me dejaba entrar a las partidas online, pero ahora el problema es que cuando estoy a mitad de una partida de cualquier tipo, el juego se congela y tengo que darle a la tecla windows...
  10. DinodestronBT

    im getting disconnected out of matches

    Well, since the last update I have been having problems, every time I am in a zombie or ctf type game and I do a kill, the game closes and it sends me to the post about hackers on this page, and directly I am not hacking just playing normal but the game closes. Is anyone having the same type of...
  11. R

    Help me please. They banned me and I did nothing.

    Hello cartographer friends, I have been playing Halo 2 for as long as I can remember and recently I tried to play cartographer and I got Banned. I'm innocent, my username is RagnarLodbrok:) Help me please.
  12. soorrymommm

    My game crashes after finishing the mission regret.

    Before I installed the halo 2 cartographer mod I was able to play the campaign without any problems, i'll be it, it was way slower in terms of fps before i had installed the mod, but after I installed the mod, I continued my current play through on the mission regret, and every time I finish it...
  13. Sexy Juan

    I can't play online in the servers

    The servers list takes time to load and when it does i can't join in the games it appears to me the message "you can't join this party. Please wait a moment and try later." What can i do?, it's somehow my fault or of the servers? And someting that i forget to say is that when i'm logging in...
  14. M

    It doesn't say I'm playing Halo 2 Project Cartographer on discord

    It is my first time doing this but what does it matter. but the problem is that every time you start the game the game itself does not appear to me but something else Here I have a more or less clear example. this is the state that has to appear every time you started the game Only this...
  15. Sniper_Monkey

    Custom Map FAQ

    Only session host or dedicated server needs to have a custom map first, players without a map will be able to download it in the pre-game lobby. Q: Where do I get custom maps? A: You can see and download every map file available in the Repo. Q: Where do I put these files to make them work...
  16. O

    AYUDA!!! Como puedo jugar con otra persona?

    hola buenas me gustaría saber que procedimiento debo seguir para poder jugar con mis amigos como crear una partida para que ellos se puedan unir Gracias
  17. C

    Banned with no idea what happened

    Hola, me prohibieron crear cuentas de halo muy a menudo o usar un correo electrónico temporal, la verdad es que no sé por qué fue porque es mi primera vez con el juego, lo que sucedió es que la solicitud de activación no llegó y me dio impaciencia y envié para crear más cuántas solicitudes de...
  18. A

    i can't open the game the crash .dmp is here

    i try hard to open the game .i tried nearly everythink to download dll even to delete and re-install the game and i change the compatibility setings. nothing. plz help the .dmp crash rep is here . i have a folder of chrash files and it is 166 mb i think plz help.
  19. B

    Can't Jump

    So when I play this my right click and space button seem to always be pressed down meaning I can't throw grenades or jump ever and I've tried changing the setting to put my jump to v or a different button and I still can't jump in this game. Anyone got any solutions? Thanks
  20. S

    need help installing halo 2 cartographer

    i tried installing halo 2 but missing MFPLAT.dll help?