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  1. arroz con queso

    how to make maps for halo 2? (¿como hacer mapas para halo 2?)

    How can I get started in creating maps for multiplayer? and how can I see them in the game? what do i need to know What do I need to download? any advice? (como puedo iniciarme en la creacion de mapas para el multijugador? y como puedo verlos en el juego?) que necesito saber? que necesito...
  2. DuckasTheDuck

    Is there any updated software/plug-ins to export .ass files?

    This game is old as dirt, but that does not necessarily mean that is a bad thing. The main issue is that .ass files are a pain in the ass. As a motion graphics designer, my work space consists of using Cinema4D and Blender from time to time. 3DMax is also in my arsenal, but none of these support...
  3. Vizayen

    Halo 2 Map Editor - french's tutorials

    Where can I found french's tutorials of Halo 2 Map Editor and map's creation? I know only one !
  4. SirChewy

    Map making

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before or not (if it has, then sorry) but I really wanted to know how to make maps for Project Cartographer without actually having Halo 2 vista or the map maker itself
  5. X

    How do I get the Halo 2 editing kit without the Halo 2 vista disk?

    How do I get the Halo 2 editing kit if I don't have the halo 2 vista disk?
  6. General_101

    H2Codez - This Shit Is Better Than Mayonnaise

    H2Codez Public thread #1 Links The Github stuff for the smart people. Get the fuck out if you don't know what a .sln file is. The only thing you will need. Just grab the launcher below...