1. Rim001

    UNSC Marine Mod

    I made this mod using assembly this is the 1st version let me know your feedback my discord is Rim#4872 (There is Pratically Unlimited Ammo in the Battle Rifle and Magnum just in case if you wanna shoot em' up) FIRST VERSION OF THE MOD!. Marine Variants: -Radio Operator Marine -Pilot -Standard...
  2. Tobymac01

    Halo 2 Nemesis Mod

    Hello, welcome to the nemesis mod! This is my first mod so don't be too harsh but feedback is appreciated. In this mod you play as a ex elite honour guard who sighed a peace treaty with the humans after leaning the prophets lies! But thanks to you the covenant found Earth and now you must defend...
  3. BoundlessHalo97

    Need Help Tracking Something Down

    So a few years back (around 2006-2007) a YouTube user uploaded a video showcasing their custom-made Spartan A.I. for the original Xbox release of Halo 2. The video took place on the map Coagulation and had a song by Avenged Sevenfold playing in the background. While the A.I. was rather...
  4. Demand

    Are shader mods and custom models allowed?

    My friend has a custom skin on his battle rifle and he said he’ll mod me to have a pink shader swap on my br. I don’t think other players can see them (though I could see his blue battle rifle) and i am unshure if this is allowed.
  5. General_101

    H2Codez - This Shit Is Better Than Mayonnaise

    H2Codez Public thread #1 Links The Github stuff for the smart people. Get the fuck out if you don't know what a .sln file is. The only thing you will need. Just grab the launcher below...