1. BoundlessHalo97

    Need Help Tracking Something Down

    So a few years back (around 2006-2007) a YouTube user uploaded a video showcasing their custom-made Spartan A.I. for the original Xbox release of Halo 2. The video took place on the map Coagulation and had a song by Avenged Sevenfold playing in the background. While the A.I. was rather...
  2. Demand

    Are shader mods and custom models allowed?

    My friend has a custom skin on his battle rifle and he said he’ll mod me to have a pink shader swap on my br. I don’t think other players can see them (though I could see his blue battle rifle) and i am unshure if this is allowed.
  3. General_101

    H2Codez - This Shit Is Better Than Mayonnaise

    H2Codez Public thread #1 Links The Github stuff for the smart people. Get the fuck out if you don't know what a .sln file is. The only thing you will need. Just grab the launcher below...