1. Classic Player

    Troubleshooting problems relating to new update

    Updated: November 24, 2020 Note: This thread is NOT for criticizing the update, but for finding solutions. Hey. I have noticed that I and others have had some issues running or even playing Halo after the new update. Although there are some threads/posts out there, I thought it would better...
  2. Classic Player

    *Solving "no audio/sound" in singleplayer and multiplayer in MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)

    Updated: August 31, 2020 I originally posted in this forum because I was unable to hear any sound/audio in the game but was able to solve this issue through other users and some personal troubleshooting. Here is what I learned. If you have other suggestions or methods that worked for you, post...
  3. joeygraziano

    How to join a game with a friend and ensure that we are on the same team

    Hello, I am new to Project Cartographer. I have been playing Halo 2 with Xbox live since it was released. I have an old friend who I have played with for years online and we would like to join the online matchmaking in Project Cartographer as a team and ensure that we are always on the same...
  4. P

    Desire to Craft Mods for offline play + Eventual hopes to host custom map games server

    The Background My name is pika. Years ago I used to love modding Halo 2 on my original Xbox. I never had any desire to cheat in online games, and I highly doubt I ever will in the future. I edited Halo in ways that I found to be incredibly fun. I crafted what I like to call "amateur mods". My...
  5. Some Dude

    what's multiplayer like? Is it similar to Halo Custom Edition's (Halo 1) multiplayer?

    I decided to try playing cartographer again since I'm playing on a nicer computer. A LOT nicer than my laggy hp laptop. I only played some of the campaign, so now I want to see what multiplayer is like. That and I'm still kind of new to Halo 2. 1. What's the average player count on this? I...
  6. J


    Is there any way I and my friend can play co-op online???
  7. X

    Can you do LAN games even with project cartographer?

    just wondering...
  8. BoundlessHalo97

    Need Help Tracking Something Down

    So a few years back (around 2006-2007) a YouTube user uploaded a video showcasing their custom-made Spartan A.I. for the original Xbox release of Halo 2. The video took place on the map Coagulation and had a song by Avenged Sevenfold playing in the background. While the A.I. was rather...
  9. Robsome

    Can't hear team speak

    When I play online I can't hear team speak. I've searched through the settings and couldn't find anything related to a microphone. The rest of the game audio is fine. I've checked and updated my game and that doesn't work. Pleas help. Thanks!
  10. R

    [solved] Can not set up local network games

    Hello. I am looking to use the "Network" option in Halo 2 Vista. I am wondering if there is a way to play with family and friends over a local network. I would not like to use Project Cartographer, as it does not support regular LAN functionality. I installed Halo 2, applied the latest...