Hosting a Private / Custom Server Guide

Big TwEEkx

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Nov 29, 2013
Big TwEEkx
  1. The host needs to port forward ports 2000-2010 TCP/UDP to their computer. Visit for more assistance.
    1. The port range is determined by the base port in the halo2configX.ini file. The config file is usually found in Appdata/Local/Microsoft/Halo 2 or in the Halo 2 folder
    2. Port range = base port + 10
    3. Usually there is no need to change the base port, but if you're having issues hosting, trying changing it to something else, like 12000, and port forward 12000-12010 TCP/UDP
  2. Host also needs to verify that halo2.exe is allowed through all firewalls and that all inbound and outbound connects are allowed for the executable.
  3. After port forwarding, the host needs to select "Create a new game" at the top of the NETWORK Server list
  4. Players should now be able to join the custom game.
  5. Currently, there is no way to invite or block people from joining. Once all players have joined, the host can close the lobby through the quick options menu.
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Dec 6, 2018
Is there a way to change the game name? Or is it just going to show the Hosts name? So now can we change the game name?
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