Project Cartographer v0.4.0.4 Patch Notes

Project Cartographer v0.4.0.4 Build Time: Mar 22 2018 15:39:28.

The next time you launch Halo 2 Vista with Project Cartographer, you will be prompted to download and install a new update.

Here is a video demonstrating how to update your game (very simple, you just click along with it).

Once the download is complete your game will close and you will see a command window popup that will be there until your game is done patching. Once it is done patching, it will then ask you to press "ENTER" to close. You may then re-launch your game.
  • Multi-threaded the login process to not freeze the game.
  • Cheaters now can only play for 30 minutes and they have annoying countdown timers bouncing around the screen (punishment).
  • Insufficient Serial computers are allowed to login and play in the cheater network only unlike before where they couldn't play at all and had to contact an admin for assistance.
  • Fixed auto selecting last used account.
  • Fixed updating the accounts menu if there the username being added is called the same but has a different ending.
  • On outdated versions, dedicated servers will no longer crash.
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Can someone help me with this please? I don't know what happened. I just updated and then this, It's the same in the campaign mode. I can't see anything, not even my weapon. Everything's so close. :( error2.jpg
hello I need help, update the game that time I notified the update and after that the game closed and has not reopened, does not enter or load anything, closes alone, someone helps me? ..

I already tried to reprint the game but it still doesn't work, it only reports "crash" errors.