Project Cartographer v0.6.1.0 Update and Changelog

  • Static First Person Scale for FOV
  • Spanish Translation for Advanced Settings Menu
  • Spanish Sounds for Infection
  • Sounds for Head Hunter
  • New Video Options
  • -Shadow Override
  • -Water Override
  • Anti-Cheat Fix for Auto Look Centering
  • Melee Fix
  • Santa Hats
  • Changed to Experimental Rendering Changes
  • Removed ~ from opening Advanced Settings
  • Fixes to OGH2


[QUOTE = "VaansDeemax, post: 18894, member: 37140"] Hello, I can't play online, it tells me to check the connection with the page and try again [/ QUOTE]
ya it happens with me aloso
Can we get viewmodel position sliders for the next update? The Halo 2 view models are bugging me out. Sure, the FOV slider is nice but can you please add a viewmodel position slider