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  1. UncutFighter

    Project Cartographer v0.6 Update and Changelog

    Project Cartographer v0.6 Update and Changelog Hey everyone! Today we are happy to bring you Project Cartographer's v0.6 update which includes numerous fixes and additions such as the long awaited ranking system! Listed below will be patch notes and details. Servers now can start matches...
  2. A

    Unlocking Halo 2 Achievements on Cartographer

    Hi guys! I'm new to the forum and i was wondering, can I still unlock the multiplayer achievements for Halo 2 PC? I have all the singleplayer achievements, but I'm missing some of the multiplayer achievements. Any help is appreceiated!
  3. UncutFighter

    Halo 2 PC Dedicated Server Setup Guide

    I plan to update this guide more soon. Halo 2 PC Dedicated Server Setup Guide - First download the Halo 2 Dedicated Server Pack here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Ua-qYhRavNU-EXuXxPXZIR44eL1TRED/view - Extract the Halo 2 Dedicated Server folder to a location of your choosing...
  4. UncutFighter

    Temp fixes for 0.5.4 issues- Crash on start and "zoom in" low FoV issue

    If you are having issues with your game crashing when launching after updating to 0.5.4, simply go to your game's shortcut > right click it > select properties and click the "shortcut" tab. At the end of the 'target' line, go to the end outside of the quote marks and add the following parameter...
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    Full Video 06:30 09:35
  6. Some Dude

    what's multiplayer like? Is it similar to Halo Custom Edition's (Halo 1) multiplayer?

    I decided to try playing cartographer again since I'm playing on a nicer computer. A LOT nicer than my laggy hp laptop. I only played some of the campaign, so now I want to see what multiplayer is like. That and I'm still kind of new to Halo 2. 1. What's the average player count on this? I...
  7. | SCRAPY |


    Transfusion Download Here Transfusion, I ended up removing the majority of rocks along the walls and some tree's due to in-game issues. Made adjustments to the cliff ledges, rocks for cover throughout the map. It's essentially just and is Coagulation, but with more stuff, in an attempt to...
  8. UncutFighter

    Exodus: A Halo 2 PC Competitive Quadtage

    Gameplay by: Xer, UncutFighter, Driven, Steel Pulse Editing: VA BlackHawk
  9. Headhunt3rv3

    Halo 2 Project Cartographer on Linux Guide

    Made this after hours and hours of tinkering, this is the best way to get Halo 2 running on Ubuntu based Linux distros. (idk if this works for EVERYONE, but this is what I have done to get the game running on MY Linux machines, it SHOULD work for everyone though) also a halo custom edition...
  10. UncutFighter

    Halo 2 PC Optimization Guide for FPS

    Halo 2 PC Optimization Guide A guide for fixing FPS issues The following steps are for fixing FPS issues AFTER the usual steps you would use such as lowering resolution and quality details as well as updating drivers Step 1: Right click your Halo 2 shortcut (generally located on your desktop)...