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Jan 12, 2019
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I'm going to post some server trouble shooting steps here

If you are receiving the server reconnecting message
updating your xlive.dll to the latest version (you can check the details of your file to see what version it is compared to the latest release dll)
(right click the file, properties - > details) -- compare this with your game xlive.dll -
File is here:
Sometimes the manual update zip is out of date, and I recommend updating your dedicated server xlive.dll using this link
This will require it to be closed to overwrite the file, Another option is to just copy the file from your halo2 folder

reopen the server again afterwords to see if the issue is fixed

Dedicated Server Signing out error troubleshooting
Start with checking / updating xlive dll as in the reconnecting message section above
There might be an issue with the server account login in the config file. Make sure that it has a simple password.
I forget the exact limit for server but it seems to be lower than in game. Make it simple like 8 characters.
Verify the account with the email. Make sure the account is playable from in game, make sure that the account isn't signed into still--exit the game then try launching the server with the account in the server config. The server config can exist in appdata or in the server folder or anywhere with the regedit trick for the service. Or it might even be reading the wrong config file--or changes weren't saved. You want to make changes to the config while the server is closed otherwise it overwrites the file with what it had cached in ram while running (a work around is to wait to save the file in your text editor until you close the server) I recommend putting the config in the server folder and set portable to true.
Or their is an issue with the firewall or port forward.
Or the pc lacks unique identifiers. Try following the guide the bot posted below to fix it. There is another way around it with a dev account but we won't explore that unless it's needed If you try the above with no success. Go into the config And enable log console and set it to log level 1.
This will give you information about what is happening underneath the hood when you start the server, sign in and run the status command etc.
Then run it, take a video of the output and post it and I'll look it over.
After fixing the issue be sure to disable log console in the config file since it will just bog the process down

Feel free to direct message me on discord with any issues related to servers and I'll either assist myself or delegate accordingly
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