Project Cartographer Update : v0.5 Changelog

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**Please NOTE: We plan a hot-fix update soon™ that will contain more features like Stats, Ranks, LAN support, GUI options for muting voice chat, Extra game settings with things like original Halo 2 super bouncing options and several other goodies we don't want to let out just yet!**

  • Our back end networking has been completely rewritten and revamped.
    • Previous versions of Cartographer used the LAN Network server browser as the hub for servers and game play.
    • This was considered to be a quick hacky workaround to get people playing with each other after Microsoft abandoned the official LIVE servers back in 2015.
  • Update 0.5 features updates to the core networking that is similar to the original Halo 2 for Windows Vista LIVE servers.
    • As a result, we are now moving from the Network tab to the Live menu (which has been renamed to "Online") for multiplayer services.
  • All online...

Project Cartographer Feature Add-ons to Halo 2

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  • Networking through the LAN browser, of course. Join lag gone.
  • In-game account system with auto-update feature.
  • Custom guide menu (HOME key or selected from the main menu)
    • Advanced Settings:
      • Customize HUD/GUI:
        • Field of View
        • Crosshair Offset
        • Toggle Ingame Chat Visibility
        • Toggle HUD Visibility
        • Toggle First Person Model Visibility
      • Other Settings:
        • FPS Limit
        • Toggle Discord Rich Presence Integration
        • Toggle Non-Host lobby xDelay
        • Toggle Game Intro Video Visibility
        • Toggle Whether Keyboard Controls work in-game (for advanced...

Project Cartographer v0.4.0.4 Patch Notes

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Project Cartographer v0.4.0.4 Build Time: Mar 22 2018 15:39:28.

The next time you launch Halo 2 Vista with Project Cartographer, you will be prompted to download and install a new update.

Here is a video demonstrating how to update your game (very simple, you just click along with it).

Once the download is complete your game will close and you will see a command window popup that will be there until your game is done patching. Once it is done patching, it will then ask you to press "ENTER" to close. You may then re-launch your game.
  • Multi-threaded the login process to not freeze the game.
  • Cheaters now can only play for 30 minutes and they have annoying countdown timers bouncing around the screen (punishment).
  • Insufficient Serial computers are allowed to login and play in the cheater network only unlike before where they couldn't...

Read Regarding Super Bouncing in Public Games

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It has come to our attention that a trainer to enable super bouncing for H2V has been made public. We acknowledge that super bouncing is a huge part of what makes Halo 2 so much fun and so great. However, when it comes to Halo 2 PC and this project specifically, there is a bit more to be taken into account.
We want super bouncing to be made available for any and everyone to use, but we want this to be done in a way that will be a bit more controlled.

What do I mean by this? Well, obviously this is not something that is in H2V by default. We want this game to be enjoyable no matter how you wish to play it. Some people like Halo 2 Vista the way it is by default, then there are some that want it more like original Halo 2. So, the plan would be to implement super bouncing in a "OG mode" if you will. A mod that would be similar to the "H2X" mod that is making H2V play more like original Halo 2 but keeping it's 60 FPS attribute.
The way super bouncing is currently done...

Project Cartographer Release Notes

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Project Cartographer Release Notes:

Credits -

  • Hitfix now runs within the Multiplayer instance of Halo 2. It shouldn't interfere with campaign.
  • Raw mouse input (beta-buggy on vehicles)
  • Halo 2 Xbox rebalance for Halo 2 Vista game variant (Original Halo 2 weapon fire rates when "H2X" is in game variant name. Video explaining linked below)
  • Halo 2 Final game variant fix for dedi's

Credits - Glitchy Scripts

  • Improved Solution Setup

Credits - Rude Yoshi

  • Added a console (press ~ to access) and Remove chatbox commands (fixed rendering in game by Baked)
  • Disabled map downloading

Credits - NukeULater

  • Added support for 60fps cinematics
  • Reverted back crosshair location change code for multiplayer
  • Lowered the bullet speed in Hitfix

Credits - num0005

  • Release...